Clarence Gilyard, Jr., ‘Matlock’ and ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ star dead at 66

The news of the death of actor Clarence Gilyard saddened fans. He is known for his successful roles in Walker, Matlock, Texas Ranger, etc. The 66-year-old actor has died and the cause of death has not been known yet.

This news was given by the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Gilyard was a professor at this university. The dean of the University of Nevada has posted on social media news about the death of Gilyard and expressed condolences for this big loss.

He was an excellent man and a talented actor. Gilyard graduated from California State University, majoring in Theater Arts. The students express their condolences. Gilyard had supported the talents of this university. The actor was born in Washington in 1955.

But later he moved to California where he completed his studies. He decided to devote himself to acting and realized that he was talented. Then he became known in Hollywood. In 1970, he got some important roles with famous Hollywood actresses.

One of the most interesting things about Gilyard is that he did not know how to speak English when he was 14 years old. However, this did not prevent him from gaining fame and success all these years in the big film industry. One of the most popular projects that the actor has participated in is Matlock.

In this show, the actor worked with Andy Griffith. Another important project for him is the movie Texas Ranger where he played with famous Chuck Norris. Norris has also shared on his Instagram a photo with Gilyard expressing his condolences. Gilyard has shown that he loved teaching and this profession was very important to him.

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