I Didn’t Invite My Daughter-in-Law for a Family Trip and I Think I Was Right

A mother with three daughters enjoyed frequent girls’ trips but found it challenging to include her daughter-in-law, Beth, after she had a child and didn’t lose her baby weight. The woman shared on Reddit that Beth’s weight hindered their enjoyment as she needed constant breaks during activities.

The breaking point came when the woman organized a trip to a farm, but she didn’t invite Beth, who later called to question the exclusion. The woman initially lied about it being a family-only trip but eventually admitted the truth – Beth’s weight and the impact it had on their activities.

Beth, horrified by the revelation, called the woman a “jerk” and hung up. The woman’s son insisted she apologize to Beth, but her daughters sided with her, expressing frustration over their trips being disrupted by Beth. The woman turned to Reddit for unbiased opinions on whether excluding her daughter-in-law due to her weight was wrong.

The core issue revolves around the challenges posed by Beth’s weight during the girls’ trips, impacting their ability to enjoy activities as they used to. While the woman’s approach of excluding Beth might seem harsh, it reflects the frustration she and her daughters felt about their experiences being compromised.

The conflict raises questions about how to balance family inclusivity with the practical challenges that arise in such situations. The Reddit community is likely to offer diverse perspectives on whether the woman’s actions were justified or if there could have been a more sensitive resolution to the issue.

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