I Caught My Mom Trying to Sleep Train My Baby

A woman faced a traumatic experience when her mother, against her wishes, attempted to sleep train her three-month-old daughter, Lila, by locking the infant in a room. Lila’s grandparents, eager to meet her, had set up a crib in the spare room, unaware that the baby still slept in her parents’ room. Unable to pass the crib through the door, the woman made peace with the proximity, confident they could hear Lila’s cries.

However, the situation escalated when the grandmother, disagreeing on sleep training, locked Lila in the room. Panicking, Lila’s mom sought the key to console her daughter, but her mother insisted on letting the baby cry it out. The woman’s father intervened, demanding the key and advising his wife to leave their daughter alone.

After the incident, the woman’s mom labeled her a “helicopter parent,” suggesting she shouldn’t console Lila every time she cried. The woman, distressed by the ordeal, decided against future overnight visits, emphasizing her own parenting approach, which does not involve locking the baby in a room.

The Reddit community expressed concern over the grandmother’s actions, considering it a dangerous and inappropriate method for sleep training. Many users sympathized with the woman’s decision to prioritize her daughter’s well-being over future visits, emphasizing the potential risks associated with locking a baby in a room. The incident highlighted the importance of respecting parents’ choices and boundaries when it comes to child-rearing practices.

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