AITA For Not Telling My Boyfriend I Own The Building We Live In

Hello! I’m new to posting, so I hope I’m doing this correctly. When I turned 18, my dad gifted me a two-story house, a generous privilege for which I am grateful. The house, resembling an apartment layout, has separate entries, kitchens, and bathrooms for each floor. I live upstairs and rent out the downstairs. My boyfriend, 25, moved in three months ago, and we’ve been together for six months. I haven’t asked him for rent or utilities, only splitting groceries 50/50. I’ve kept my ownership quiet unless directly asked.

Last Tuesday, my downstairs tenant informed me her freezer was broken. While discussing the issue, my boyfriend overhead and questioned why I’d pay for her new freezer. I explained that, as her landlord, I felt responsible for the appliance that came with the rental. He reacted strongly, accusing me of hiding this information, labeling me evil, and condemning landlords in general. Despite trying to apologize and clarify my intentions, he insists on receiving 50% of my rental income or views me as equally bad.

I understand the negative perceptions around landlords, but I strive to be a fair one. The disagreement has led to silence between us since Tuesday, despite my attempts to reach out and apologize. While I don’t believe I’m in the wrong for not disclosing my ownership immediately, the issue seems more rooted in his views on landlords. I plan to communicate openly about my intentions, hoping to bridge the gap and address his concerns.

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