I Breastfeed My Little Girl As Much As She Wanted, When She Was Nine, She Told Me She No Longer Needed Milk

You breastfeed your baby and this is recommended by doctors and nutritionists who take care of children’s health. Breastfeeding is very necessary and healthy for the body of newborn babies. Through breast milk, children acquire antibodies and their immunity becomes stronger against diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, children should be breastfed until they are two years old. This is a normal age. During these two years, children receive all the necessary vitamins and antibodies from the mother’s body.

But rare cases are an exception and this is the case of a woman who has a 9-year-old daughter. Today her daughter is 9 years old and still drinks breast milk.


All doctors think that breast milk is healthy, but it should not be overdone. Mothers who feed their children with breast milk have a stronger parent-child bond. This way helps children feel more secure near their parents. Although the 9-year-old girl should not drink breast milk, she could not leave him.

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Psychologists recommend different ways to teach children to give up breast milk. To achieve this, parents must be patient and wise. Although the 9-year-old girl did not want to be separated, her mother did not think that this was wrong.

Her mother says that the girl had chosen to consume breast milk on her own and this was the time to break stereotypes about breastfeeding and children’s age. She stopped breastfeeding before she was 10 years old. She feels very good about her daughter.


Also, the mother says that breastfeed has helped her to have a beautiful face and a healthy body. She also declares that the law has become stronger with its implementation.

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