The Startling Justification For Why This Teacher, 31, Refuses To Get Rid Of Her Unibrow And Moustache In The Face Of Insults

Everyone has the right to do what they want with their body. This is the case of the Danish teacher who refuses to remove her mustache and eyebrows regardless of criticism. She shows that many people find it difficult to accept her appearance.

According to her, mustaches are not related to cleanliness or self-care. She has a lot of self-confidence and prefers to live the way she wants regardless of people’s criticism. Edina says that many people tell her that mustaches do not personalize the female character.

This was something that belonged mostly to men. However, the 31-year-old does not support this opinion at all and feels very good about the choice she made. According to her, each person should choose the way they want to look. And in this case, Edina wants to look like this. She also hasn’t removed her eyebrows.

This is her natural state and she feels very calm. However, her appearance has received little criticism. Removing eyebrows and mustaches cause a lot of pain. Edina says that she doesn’t think it’s reasonable to feel these pains. At first, it was very difficult for Edina to get used to the fact that she was different. Although she made this decision herself, the criticism was so numerous that it started to become annoying.


But now she feels good and doesn’t pay any time, attention, or energy to people’s criticism about her appearance. She is an excellent and very loving teacher. For these reasons, the criticisms that prejudge her appearance are wrong. Edina says that at the beginning of adolescence, all her friends started to remove their mustaches. But Edina decided not to remove them.

She says that many people stop her on the street and tell her that she should remove her mustache and eyebrows. The 31-year-old said that she has endured many such cases, but now the time has come to say stop and not accept any criticism about her appearance. Young people sometimes joke or make fun of her appearance. But she feels good that she has chosen to be herself and be natural.

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