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How To Know If Your Shih Tzu Loves You

Here are five questions that can help clarify this doubt. The relationship between men and Shih Tzu is surprising.

Many people who have a SHIH TZU must have asked themselves “does my SHIH TZU really love me?”.

There are thousands of amazing Shih Tzu stories that saved their owners, and it’s very common to feel that they notice when we’re sad or in trouble. But do the Shih Tzu really love us or are we just that person who gives the food?

5 ways to identify if your SHIH TZU really LOVES you?

Shih Tzus are part of our lives and have become members of our families, but to what extent are they able to feel that love?

Faced with so many doubts and controversies, scientist Gregory Berns performed an experiment. He studied the dogs’ brains using MRI. The result surprised him so much that he wrote the book How Dogs Love Us.

Berns claims that Shih Tzus are capable of feelings and came up with five questions that can help you find out if your Shih Tzu really loves you:

Does your Shih Tzu cuddle with you after eating? If the answer is yes, that’s a strong indication that he doesn’t just see you as the person who gives him food.

Where does your Shih Tzu sleep? If he sleeps with you and sticks around even when he has room to spare in his bed, chances are his love is reciprocated.

How does your Shih Tzu react when you go out? Just because your Shih Tzu is crying when you leave doesn’t mean he necessarily misses you.

This could be a sign of separation anxiety (to learn how to resolve this issue, click here). If he lets you leave quietly, it’s a sign that he trusts you because he knows you’ll come back.

 How does your Shih Tzu react when you come home? If he looks happy, it’s big proof that he loves you.

Do you love your Shih Tzu? Love begets love. So if you love your dog and show that feeling, the chances of being reciprocated are great.

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