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They Adopted Joy, A Pit Bull, From An Animal Shelter. A Whole Globe Was Surprised By What The Dog Did

A family from Minnesota experienced an event that changed their lifes. They took from an animal shelter a pit bull two years ago. His name is Joy, and he got along very well with the family, especially with the little kids, Emilly and Jonas.

They were always together and slept in the same bed. The little boy Jonas wanted to take a bath and announced it to the family.

The family was staying outside at the backyard when they heard some odd noises.

Pit Bull

The mother entered the house and heard Joy barking obnoxiously. She saw her boy Jonas unconscious on the bathtub and the dog trying to save him.

After a heart attack, Jonnas passed out and the dog knew something wasn’t going well. Joy oppened the bathroom door and rushed inside the bathtub to save Jonas and pull him out.

Pit Bull

The mother dialed 911 and the ambulance rushed to their home and were able to save his life. Jonas is alive today and his best friend is still Joy.

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