Father Has No Problem Taking His Daughter To Women’s Bathroom By Himself

It is always difficult for parents when going to places where there is no family bathroom. This especially for parents with different genders from that of the child is an embarrassment that never ends.

Muhammed Nitoto says that he is always embarrassed in such situations and does not know how to solve them. For a man, entering the women’s bathroom is quite difficult as you can look like a sexual maniac who spies on women while they are in the toilet.

At first, Nitito and his daughter went to the men’s bathroom. But for a small child, the men’s toilet is very dirty. Bad smell comes everywhere and the baby’s changing table is next to the place where others urinate. Not at all hygienic.

After trying it once he swore he would never take his girl to the men’s bathroom again.

For this reason, the father of two little girls says that every time he goes to the women’s bathroom, he always knocks and speaks loudly to hear that there is a father and his daughter. 

The father-of-two makes sure that others present in the restroom are comfortable with his presence. When asked about the reason for his choice, he says that the priority for his daughters is safety and cleanliness. And definitely, the men’s bathroom is not the cleanest and safest place that can exist.

Nitoto decided to share his experience with every one to inspire other fathers to do such an action for their child is not shameful. Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and challenging things that can happen to any of us. All you have to do is do your best for them.

What do you think about the solution of this father? How would you act if you were in such a situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below on Facebook.

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