Before She Passed Away, She Gave Her Husband A Call And Expressed Her Final Wish

This is the story of a 39-year-old woman who shared her last words and her final wish with her husband before she died. Clare Mauremootoo was diagnosed in 2006 with motor neuronopathy. This disease would weaken her muscles every month and every year that passed.

She had two wonderful sons that she had to take care of. The cure for this disease has not yet been developed and this is hurting society. This disease complicates the patient’s life. Over the years, patients with this disease find it very difficult to walk, breathe, and eat food.

She was afraid for her life and that of her sons’ husbands. During this period, she decided to leave her sons in safe hands and started looking for a new girlfriend for her husband. After this period, her health deteriorated even more and she informed her husband to get ready to live without her.

She wanted to live longer with her husband and sons, but it was time for the final wish.

But life is long and she knew that one day her husband would find another woman who would take care of him and their sons. Her husband tells more about this period. He said Clare was trying to find a boyfriend.

“Clare wanted me to be happy and move on,” says her husband. But he was in love with Clare and didn’t want to replace her. They had been together for many years, but after Clare was informed of her illness, she asked her husband to find a new wife. In the same way, he expressed that he was not ready and did not want something like that.

But Clare was determined to find someone to move on with his life. Clare died in 2007, a few days after celebrating Valentine’s Day with John. This was a difficult period for John. After a while, he met Julie Macfarlane. He then introduced his children to Julie and her two children. In 2012, they got married and started their family.

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