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This Happens Once In 48 Million Births- This Is The Little Girl Who Impressed Doctors From All Over The World

This very rare birth has surprised the doctors. They said that something like this could happen once in 48 million births. This child is very rare and the doctors started to cry from the joy of being able to see such a rare baby.

The little girl is Lucy Marie Perkins who was one of the luckiest children in the whole world because she was born on the same day as her parents. She became one of the rare cases of children born on the same day as the birthday of both parents.

This news made both parents happy, who had not expected such a beautiful birthday present. although they started joking about their daughter’s birthday and often said that their daughter could have the same birthday as them.

But everything was a joke. Who could have thought that something like this would be true? This surprised the family but also the doctors who showed that this was a very rare event. Many doctors have not witnessed such an event.

The doctors who were present at the birth of the little girl said that they felt lucky to see this birth. What was even more surprising was that the girl was born spontaneously. The parents decide to prepare a party for the birth of their daughter.

Dr. Robinson was very surprised by the birth and said that he felt lucky that in his life he had expected such a birth. Lucy was born in the early hours of the morning.

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