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Grandpa Has Found A New Way To Scare Off All Of The Telemarketers

This is the most comical way an elderly person has chosen to answer business callers. In this way, he scared the telemarketers who called him quite a few times. We can safely say that this is the funniest way to answer someone on the phone.

Age doesn’t matter, everyone can feel young if they want to. This is the case of the grandfather who was an ardent fan of Donald Duck, the beloved cartoon character. He manages to imitate his voice perfectly. No one could tell the difference between him and the real Donald Duck.

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In fact, when everyone hears the name Donald Duck, they think of a shoemaker who is dressed in a sailor suit. But this is more comical than you can imagine. Grandpa doesn’t dress like Donald Duck, but you can imitate his voice very well. We can safely say that the voice of this cartoon character is very difficult to imitate.

If someone picks you up on the phone, of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is not to imitate Donald Duck. This voice became famous because it was special and at the same time very difficult to imitate. However, we can admit that this is a very funny situation.

He has decided to respond with this voice to the telemarketers who always pick him up on the phone. Sometimes some of the callers get scared while others ask him if he is the real Donald Duck. These phone calls are disturbing for the grandfather, so he decides to answer in this way. Below you will find the video that will make you laugh.

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