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10+ Celebrities Who Are Proud to Show Their Real Selves on Social Media

Today, natural beauty is valued more than ever. No one has a perfect body, but everyone looks beautiful in their way. Celebrities think twice when they post their body online. Girls and boys try to cover cellulite and moles on their bodies before posting a photo on social media.

But every person wants to love himself and his body as it is. Cellulite is not such a big problem. Many famous girls and women try to hide it. But accepting yourself as you are is something very beautiful.

The body can change in different periods of life, and one of these periods is pregnancy. Below you will read the names of 14 very popular women who are satisfied with their natural appearance, even during pregnancy.

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They are happy with their bodies and they admit this openly, even on social media.

Rachel Bloom

Selena Gomez

The famous singer Selena Gomez always openly states that she is in love with her body. She also had a kidney transplant and there is a wound on her body that she could not show some time ago.

But now she is confident and does not worry if her wound is visible. She doesn’t even need to wear clothes to cover it, but she feels good about her appearance.

Danielle Brooks

Daniele has always wanted to pose for the camera, without being influenced by others. She is very beautiful and good with her curves. No one is perfect.

Vanessa Hudgens


Another singer who looks very beautiful even without make-up is Rihanna. She is like all of us and tries to make everyone feel good by posting her natural photos on social media.

Jennifer Lopez


Jessica Hall

The famous actress has posted photos during her pregnancy and she has no problem at all. Some people have commented positively on her photo and some others have criticized her for the appearance of cellulite.

But Jessica feels comfortable and happy with her body and doesn’t see any need to hide her body and natural shapes after giving birth.

Hilary Duff

Blake Lively

Julia Roberts

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