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Grandfather Of Teen Killed During Burglary Says AR-15 Made Fight ‘Unfair’

A shocking event happened in Oklahoma where three teenagers were left dead. Their death shocked everyone and the grandfather of one of the victims spoke about the death of his grandson. Jacob Redfearn was one of the teenagers who were killed during the burglary of a house in Oklahoma.

Leroy Schumacher has spoken about Jacob, whom he has taken care of for a long time. The 17-year-old was killed by the son of the owner of the house with an AR-15 weapon. Leroy spoke about his nephew’s death and said that this crime was unjustified. He blames his nephew for entering a house to steal, but according to him, he should not be shot with a gun and die so young.

This was unfair according to Leroy and should be condemned. His grandfather is very sad about the event and does not support the action of his grandson who entered to rob the owner of the house together with two other teenagers. According to the police, the theft was initiated by 21-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, who needed money to pay rent.

She had contact with three teenagers, 19-year-old Maxwell Cook, 16-year-old Jake Woodruff, and 17-year-old Jacob Redfearn. According to her, the teenagers “wanted more”. Teenagers enter the house dressed in black clothes and masks. They carried knives and other cold weapons. Rodrigues was waiting for them in the car with another girl, to escape.

The event happened around 12.30 in the afternoon while the son of the owner of the house was sleeping. He had heard the slamming of the door and the breaking of the window and had immediately taken his father’s gun. Peters, frightened, opened fire and shot the teenagers who had entered his house armed. He then called 911 asking for medical help. The teenagers had changed lives at the scene and Elizabeth Rodriguez had left by car. Later she declared to the police that she was involved in the crime.

She can be sentenced to life imprisonment. However, Jacob’s grandfather blames the owner’s son for the death of his grandson. The police have not convicted the owner’s son, Zach Peters, of any crime, because he is in self-defense and did not intend to commit any crime.

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