A Father Who Lost His Son In A Vehicle Accident Has Dedicated A Particular Spot To His Memory Along A Lonely Road

This is an inspiring story, which proves that there are still good and strong people. Ray Olson lost his son and the only thing left to remember his son were his belongings.

So he decided to do something in memory of his son. The boy died in a road accident and was very young. His father was overcome with sadness and could not overcome the pain easily. So he decided to dedicate a special place on the roadside to the memory of his son.

The event happened in California in 2003. After these years, Ray felt very lonely and went every night and visited the place he had created for his son.

He had placed a memorial on the edge of a lonely road and entered there every night in the dark to visit it so that no one would see him.

Before taking this step, he learned that this place belonged to the Chevron company. This company had a very large fortune of billions of dollars. So Ray thought it would be very easy for them to destroy the place he had dedicated to his dead son.
But he had to do this anyway.

He built a memorial for his son on this street, without asking the owners. However, he visited the place every night when there was no one on this lonely street. He did this for 13 years.

But one day he saw a letter which informed him that the country would be destroyed. This made Ray very sad because this place was the only comfort for him.

But at the end of the letter, the business noted that they had decided to create a beautiful memorial for Ray’s son. He was very touched by this action. Today, the firm has built a memorial that Ray visits every day without fear that someone will destroy it.

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