Dirty Dancing Star Jennifer Grey Opens Up About The Accident That Changed Her Life And Forced Her To Turn Her Back On Hollywood

A few years after staying away from her career, she decided to return to the film industry. Her success resumed after she was declared the winner of the famous show ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She said that this was an important moment that helped her leave the past behind.

During this period, she discovered that she had health problems that could lead to paralysis. The spinal cord of the actress was damaged during the accident and she could be completely paralyzed, according to the doctors.

But another piece of news shocked the actress. She realized that she had cancer and at the same time she was forced to remove her thyroid. She had to make this decision to prevent the spread of cancer. The accident changed the life of the actress, however, she did not give up and returned to Hollywood.

After Undergoing Face Surgery, Jennifer Grey Felt “Invisible” Since Her “Nose Job From Hell” Has Left Her “Anonymous.”

Jennifer Grey is famous for her role as “Baby” in the famous movie “Dirty Dancing”. Everyone expected her to have a successful career in the film industry but unfortunately, an accident changed everything.

Jennifer was born in 1960 in New York in a family that already had some famous members. Her father, Joe Gray, was an actor himself, also a singer and a dancer, and was the one who convinced Jennifer to become an actress too.

She had her debut with the film “Reckless” and then her big one with the movie “Dirty Dancing”.

Only now do we get to know what Jennifer has to say regarding this terrible period of her life that has changed her life completely?

When the movie “Dirty Dancing ” premiered, Jennifer was not in a good place and after the premiere, she completely disappeared. She did not get back into the spotlight for a long time. 

In the summer of the year 1987, Jennifer had a terrible accident. She was in a car with her boyfriend at the time. They crashed into another vehicle and the people who were driving in it were killed instantly. 

This left scars for Jennifer, not physical but rather mental and psychological. She couldn’t enjoy anything anymore and this included also the premiere of the movie. 

Another thing that has left scars on her is also her nose job. She said she couldn’t recognize herself. 

Jennifer eventually got back into the spotlight in recent years. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook.

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