Deborah Roker, Al Roker’s Wife, Cries

The famous actress died at the age of 82 and her friends and family are very sad. Deborah Roberts and Reese Witherspoon have reacted after the death of Raquel Welch. She passed away on February 15 and it was confirmed that she was sick. An important person will be missed on screens and fans. She was a positive woman who gave a lot of love.

Reese has spoken about the death of her friend. They worked together in 2001 and the actress writes that she is sad after receiving this news. “The death of Raquel Welch shocked us all. I had the pleasure of working with her, she was an amazing and fantastic woman.” The actress sent her condolences to the actress’s family.

The Muppets also reacted to the death of the actress by writing “We never forget our friend.
She was an excellent woman and one of our favorite guests. In the popular film of 2001, she played the role of Mrs. Windham Vandermark. Actor Paul Feig writes “We are saddened by the great loss of a strong and talented woman. “

The news was shared by people close to the actress and one of them was her manager. “The iconic actress passed away this morning due to an illness,” he writes.

The actress has had a successful career and has won many awards during her career. She also won the Golden Globe for the best actress in a musical during her participation in The Three Musketeers.

Raquel married James Welch and they were blessed with two children. After the divorce from James, she had several other marriages which ended again.

Al Roker is again going through difficult times.

He shared a heartfelt message to his audience to honor the life of a great producer and songwriter from Philadelphia. Thom Bell was born in Jamaica and died at the age of 79.

He shared a photo of Thom on Instagram and wrote a tribute: ‘Thom, a legendary songwriter, and producer from Philadelphia passed away at 79. He provided a soundtrack to my life. We all know him as the ‘Sound of Philadephia’, as he defined a music era. I shall never forget you and your work!’

Al Roker’s fans showed their grief in comments and sent thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

Al Roker provided updates about being in medical care for his ongoing health problems. He posted a picture of the sunrise over the city in the morning and told everyone that he intended to leave the hospital shortly.

He captioned the photo, ‘Hopefully heading home soon.’ Many people encouraged him with messages and wished him a full recovery.

The fans of Al Roker are keeping him in their prayers during these difficult times as he is going through health issues. He has been absent from ‘Today’, due to his treatment for blood clots.

He spent some time with his family during Thanksgiving, but he was admitted to the hospital to be monitored the next day.

His wife wrote a message on Instagram while Al Roker was away on Thursday. The journalist snapped a photo and captioned it, ‘extremely appreciative for the love.’

Al Roker, who thanked a very special person for him, became part of the Thanksgiving Day. Al Roker has had some health problems lately, but he is on the mend, which is good news. He will leave the hospital to go home in a few days. The cause of his hospitalization was a blood clot.

This time, Al Roker was absent from his show and thanked his friend for continuing the parade. It might have been difficult, but the co-host managed successfully these days without Al Roker. He seems to be very active on social media.

He recently posted a video on his profile where he informs all his fans that he will leave the hospital in a few days. This shows that his health condition has improved a lot. His friend also shared a message about Al Roker. “Yes!!!

The parade was not the same without you.” It seems that Hoda Kotb missed the well-known presenter. A few days later, he shared photos from his home on social media, thanking all his friends and colleagues who continued the show without him.

He has been part of this television show for many years and many regular followers of the show feel his absence. He shared with his fans the reason he was hospitalized. Roker says that the blood clot had traveled to his lungs and his health was at great risk.

His friends and colleagues wished him a fast recovery. Many of them have asked him to return as soon as possible. One of them is Jenna Bush Harger, who is looking forward to Roker’s return.

On the other hand, they also shared some news about Al Roker’s daughter, Leila, who posted on Instagram an article about her feelings and experience last month. She also talked about the photo she took in November together with Al, her mother, brother, and sister. Her father’s health has not been so good in recent months.

Many people have supported her and replied to Leila’s last post. Al’s health condition has improved. He has returned home with his family. Al greeted his followers with a photo from his home.

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