Daughter Films Dying Father’s Hospice Nurse, Exposes Her Unconventional ‘Treatment’

Everyone knows how important medical care is for the sick. This girl was caring for her sick father when he was hospitalized at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. But something unexpected forced him to follow the situation of a nurse and film it. Robert Olson’s health began to deteriorate after retirement and he began to have breathing problems.

Robert’s family requested that specialized nurses take care of their loved one. The nurse who would take care of her father was Brenda Buurstra. She was a loving woman with a big heart. Everyone knew that she did everything to make her patients feel good. But daughter Roberta Lytle went to visit her father and discovered something incomparable.

Lytle secretly recorded Brenda. According to her, the nurse was giving her father unorthodox service. But her father’s eyes were shining and he was happy. Robert had told Brenda that he liked the song “You Light up My Life”. He had not thought that Brenda would try to make him happy. She had printed the songs the next day and was singing them together with Robert.

He listened with fear but was happy at the same time. Everyone could see this in his eyes. His daughter was very affected by this action of the nurse. She still couldn’t believe it. The nurse was singing very beautifully and her voice was wonderful. She is singing with Robert’s girlfriend and her father was trying to sing along with her. Even though he was wearing a ventilation mask, he was singing in a low voice and his face was shining with joy.

The words of his favorite song had given him strength and motivated him to sing. His health began to improve and everyone was surprised. According to his daughter, the wonderful behavior of the nurse influenced her father’s recovery. “I always sing to my patients. They feel good through the lyrics of the songs. It had never happened to me to be filmed. I am happy that Robert is better”

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