Hollywood Star Worth 150 Million Looks Unrecognisable As She Rides The Tube

Catherine-Zeta Jones has chosen to travel by subway and this has surprised everyone. The news that the famous Hollywood actress travels by subway and lives in the gloomy Mumbles neighborhood has surprised everyone. Not many people know this, but the actress decided to make her daily routine public.

She gave a strong message not only to her fans but also to her colleagues. The actress filmed herself in the London subway and wanted to convey the message that she had not forgotten the places she came from.

The actress uses public transport to move and is very happy with this. According to her, this life is quieter than noisy airports. Also, she did not feel bad at all, because she was not excited by the other passengers and was very calm on the way to work or when she went to do her daily activities.

The 53-year-old actress covers her face with a scarf and puts on a hat. Usually, she chooses to wear accessories such as glasses or hats. Recently, the use of masks has made it even easier to hide. She says that she felt very happy when she traveled by subway like everyone else. She wrote in the clip she posted ‘Tube Time! London Transport!’

Catherine is a rich actress and has a fortune of about 150 million dollars and is married to Michael Douglas. The actress has participated in many films and important projects and has received very high salaries. The actress starred in the well-known movie “Traffic” in 2000, where she earned about 3 million dollars.

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