Conjoined Twins Abby And Erin Delaney: Inside Their Remarkable Story

Erin and Abby Delaney were born in Philadelphia in 2016 as conjoined twins joined at the tops of their heads. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia took on the task of separating them in a complex surgical procedure, the most challenging the hospital had ever carried out. The surgery involved a team for each girl and many hours of fast-paced procedures to stop bleeding or other complications. With love, care, and the incredible skills of the surgeons, the two were successfully separated, and they could now live separate lives.

After months of being monitored constantly, Erin and Abby finally learned to roll over and sit up. However, they needed to undergo further surgeries to reshape and fix their skulls. Although Abby recovered well, Erin had a tougher time recovering completely.

In September 2020, the family received another blow when the girls were diagnosed with autism. Their mother, Heather Delaney, expressed concern about the stigma surrounding autism and how it could affect her daughters’ future. Despite the diagnosis, Erin and Abby have been reaching milestones thanks to their parents’ immense love and support.

In her latest blog post, Heather said that Abby is getting closer to walking every day, and Erin is walking upstairs, running around, and getting stronger every day. Heather expressed how proud she and her husband are of their daughters and how far they have come. They would not wish things to be different because they love their girls just the way they are.

Erin and Abby’s story is one of resilience, love, and the power of medical science. Although they have faced many challenges, they continue to thrive and inspire others.

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