Buffalo Bills’ Assistant Athletic Trainer Recognized As A ‘Real Hero’ For Saving Damar Hamlin’s Life

Damar Hamlin was in serious health condition after the incident on the field during the football match. The 24-year-old who plays with the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field and his health worsened.

After that, he was transported by ambulance to the hospital. This Monday night, the match was being shown on television and everyone reacted when they saw the blow Hamlin got.

Then he gets up and then falls back to the ground. The blow he got to hurt him a lot. Hamlin fell to the ground and at that moment all the people who were near him tried to help him. Coaches and nurses gathered on the field to give quick help. An ambulance came to the field and Hamlin received oxygen.

The attention during this incident was taken by Denny Kellington, who is the assistant athletic trainer. He tried to save Hamlin’s life and coach Bills said he is a true hero. In a press conference, the coach said that Denny did everything to save Hamlin’s life.

Dr. Timothy Pritts said that the Bills’ training staff was able to analyze the situation and realized that Hamlin was injured, and could require serious treatment. Hamlin’s injury was noticed very quickly by members of the team’s medical staff, and this made the job easier for the doctors.

Hamlin also underwent CPR after being hit on the field before being transported to the hospital, as did Kellington. Everyone thanked Kellington and many posts on Twitter were shared as a sign of thanks for the assistant coach.

Everyone was shocked by these sad scenes. The fans and other players were shocked and scared for the health of the 24-year-old. The game was temporarily interrupted because Hamlin had to be transported to the hospital. We hope that this situation will pass as soon as possible and that Hamlin will get his health back.

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