Black Canada Lynx Caught On Camera For The First Time And People Can’t Believe It

A rare sighting of a black Canada Lynx has been captured on camera for the first time, surprising people with its unique appearance. The Canada Lynx is typically light brownish grey in color, but sightings of black-furred individuals are extremely rare.

The fortunate encounter occurred when a student at Alberta’s University, Thomas Jung, managed to film the lynx with his smartphone. The video, although blurry, provided enough evidence for experts to confirm that it was indeed a Canada Lynx.

The lynx was spotted approximately 50 meters away, peacefully coexisting with people and a dog in the area. When the dog started barking, the lynx retreated, displaying its reclusive and solitary nature.

The black coat of the lynx stood out as a significant deviation from the norm. Typically, Canada lynxes have silvery gray coats in winter and rusty brown coats in summer. This particular lynx’s black coat was considered maladaptive by Jung, as it hindered its ability to effectively camouflage itself in its environment.

Researchers have yet to determine whether melanin pigmentation provides benefits or drawbacks to species. In the case of the lynx, its darker coat would make it more visible against the snowy background during winter hunting, potentially impacting its success.

The discovery of this black Canada Lynx is remarkable, considering that no one had managed to photograph such an individual before. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and uniqueness found in nature.

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