At Age 78, The Legendary Actor Made A Shift That Fans Found Disagreeable

Michael Douglas is being talked about recently for a big change in his appearance. But, the fans are not very happy with this change and we understand this from their reaction. The well-known actor Douglas has made a change that was called “not too good”. No one is used to seeing the 78-year-old with this appearance before.

The well-known actor has dyed his hair in the shade of ginger, and this has given him a new look very different from the Douglas that we are used to seeing. He shared the photo on social media and there were many reactions to the post. The Oscar winner shared a video on Instagram showing his new hair color.

He chose not to make any comments about this change and appeared in Paris greeting his fans with the new look. There were many commentators and many of them were surprised that the actor had changed his hair color.

But some others have chosen to comment positively and express that they like this change. Some commentators even think that the change that the 78-year-old had made is related to his role in a new film.

The actor is very happy lately and it seems that he has fulfilled all the expectations he had. In addition to being an excellent actor, he is also a wonderful family man. He and his wife recently celebrated their birthdays on the same day.

The couple had ordered a big beautiful cake. The actor has chosen to share these photos with his fans. Catherine did the same thing. They thank all the fans who wished them a happy birthday. The couple is spending the most beautiful time together and they are very happy.

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