Katie Couric Shares Her Battle With Breast Cancer, I Felt Sick And The Room Started To Spin

Katie Couric has recently shared her battle with breast cancer. In recent years, statistics show that the number of women who are affected by breast cancer has increased. This is a common disease that may be cured. But sometimes it becomes dangerous for health and can lead to death. Breast cancer is not a very easy disease to cure.

This disease requires patience and a lot of effort to overcome. Therefore, women are always advised to check their health. Katie recently shared a photo from the hospital where she is on her Instagram profile. In the picture, she writes that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, like many other women in the USA.

Katie Couric

Women should understand the importance of this disease and its consequences. In October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, many women decide to make medical visits to see their health condition.

This month, Katie Couric decided to share her story with the people who follow her, giving a strong message to all girls and women.

She advises them to have a mammogram. In her confession, the journalist admits that the path to her illness was difficult. She had to repeat the mammogram for health reasons.

Katie Couric

Later, doctors discovered that she had breast cancer. At that moment, she says she started to feel bad and the room started spinning. She was trying to give herself strength and left the doctor’s office. Like every person, she was afraid for her life and health. But, this was not the first time that someone in her family was diagnosed with cancer. Her husband died of cancer in the spine. At the same time, her sister and mother are also diagnosed with cancer.

Katie Couric

She should be strong and start reacting to the disease. The frequent cases of close people being diagnosed with cancer from time to time affected her emotions and thoughts. After the doctors studied the extent of her disease, she underwent an operation to remove the tumor mass. She thanked God that she is alive after two years that were so difficult for her. Therefore, she feels happy that she managed to recover, and she feels lucky.

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