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As Fire Engulfs Pigeon Forge, Dolly Parton Asks For Prayers

The flames have destroyed much of North Carolina, East Tennessee, and Pigeon Forge. Although the flames are mostly extinguished, there is still the risk due to strong winds. One of the most damaged areas is Pigeon Forge.

The officials tried to put out the fire and fought to remove the residents from the damaged areas. However, the damages were very big.

Evacuations were also planned to save people’s lives. The Sheriff of the area also stated this. Not only the gardens, and plants, but also the streets of the Pigeon Forge are included in the flames. Even the park where Dolly Parton lives is engulfed in flames.

Parton has written on her social media profile that she is very saddened by the situation created by the flames and is sorry that people and plants have been damaged.

She also spoke about the fires near her area and showed that she followed the problem closely. According to her, all people came together to put out the flames. But the situation was critical for a long time. “It’s scary to fight flames.”

Parton wrote in her profile that at this moment, all residents need prayers. She has requested that we all pray for the areas that are affected by the flames. At this moment, this is the thing that they need the most.

A representative reported that the fire started on the roof of a closed, vacant structure on the resort property and even after the damage, they declared that the Park could be repaired. The fire broke out under the roof of a closed building. The Pigeon Forge Community Center has been a haven for residents who have needed a safe place.

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