Authorities Are Ruling the Death of Charles Hew Crooks, a Pilot Who Fell Out of His Airplane During an Emergency Landing, an Accident

Charles Hew Crooks and his co-pilot noticed that the landing equipment was damaged, while there were no paratroopers in the plane. Pilot Crooks helped the skydivers to land and soon realized that they had to make an emergency landing.

The pilots immediately notified air traffic control because they noticed the damage that could threaten their lives. They were in a difficult situation and asked for help.

Authority ruled on the death of Charles Hew Crooks. It is suspected that the pilot fell without a parachute after exiting the front part of the plane. The investigation continued to find the body of pilot Crooks.

After the residents of the area told about the noise that was made, the police managed to find the body of the 23-year-old pilot. According to the tests, he did not suffer from any worrisome disease and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The co-pilot has told more about the incident and says that he saw Crooks upset because of the damage to the landing gear. Crooks started saying that he was sorry and that he was not feeling well, before this tragedy happened. He died on July 29 which interrupted his dream of flying.

He was an excellent student before he got his license and he loved the work he did. The co-pilot was forced to land the plane in an emergency manner and got minor injuries.

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