America’s Favorite Space Mom, June Lockhart, Is Still Beautiful At 97

June Lockhart will be 98 years old in a few months, but she spent her youth entertaining people and spreading positivity. Lockhart is one of the famous actresses who has gained people’s attention with the energetic roles in which she has played.

One of these roles is Lost in Space. The actress was a special woman and a talented artist. Lockhart was born in New York and started her career very early. Her success started with A Christmas Carol. Another important role she played is Timmy Martin’s mother in the hit show Lassie.

We cannot leave without mentioning another iconic role such as Dr. Maureen Robinson in the hit TV series Lost in Space. This role won the hearts of the public because it contained a powerful message.

The character she represented gave the message of the matriarchal family, where the woman should support the family and take care of providing food. An interesting fact about Lockhart is that she always carried with her a picture of the artist David Bowie.

“Lockhart is a talented actress and she’s a smart woman,” Mummy says about the famous actress. The actress has been proposed to enter the history books, due to her long life in art, talent, and iconic roles in which she has played. Lockhart has appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, 7th Heaven, and General Hospital, among others.

She has been a part of art for eight decades and has been awarded with many awards during her career. As for her private life, she is married to John Maloney, and together they have two daughters who are both actresses. These are some of the photos of the famous Hollywood actress.

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