She Was Brought To The Hospital By The Mother of A 1-Year-Old Girl Because It Was Obvious That Her Health Had Deteriorated

A mother brought her 1-year-old daughter to the hospital because her health was not good. She had meningitis, according to the doctors. Her kidneys failed and she was kept artificially alive in a coma.

Her chances of survival were very slim, and the mother made the decision to give her organs to other children who needed them.

She made the preparations to bid farewell to her little angel. She was holding her daughter in her arms and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

The mom was informed by the doctors that the girl would pass away the next morning, and she wasn’t ready to leave her to go.

The other day, when they cut everything, I was with my daughter alone kissing and hugging her. She couldn’t believe that her 1-year-old girl was going to survive.

What a truly miraculous story!

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