They saw him start digging huge ditches in the backyard and loading soil into bags

Alex and Sarah had decided to make a special pool in the yard of their new house. It all started with Sarah’s desire to have a pool in the backyard. Neighbors had seen Alex digging large ditches in the yard.

The 36-year-old had just bought a new house and wanted to create a family and comfortable environment. He started the work for the pool 2 years ago. Alex started buying work tools and realized that to fulfill Sarah’s wish, he was saving money.

The couple’s desire was a professional pool, but for that, they needed an average of 12,000 dollars, so instead of that, Alex started digging himself.

This amount seemed difficult to achieve. However, they did not give up. Alex says that he was ready to do anything to make his wife happy.

He began to describe the work process and it did not seem easy at all. First, he had cleaned his garden, and then he had opened a big hole in the middle of the yard. For this, he needed a farmer who helped him in opening the pit.

Building the pool was a job that required time and investment. He had also hired plumbers who would take care of the pool’s water-filling system. This is Alex’s biggest project and it seems that he has succeeded. He managed to realize his project with a reduced amount of money. This happened because he decided to do everything himself.

The couple and their two children had settled in the new house and from the first days, they had started planning the pool. Fortunately, the new house was comfortable and had the right space to build a large swimming pool.

He was inspired by some videos he had seen on YouTube. Alex was convinced that this was easy and he would finish it successfully. However, during Covid, the plans did not go so well. But he managed to finish it shortly after this period.

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