7-Month-Old Boy Beaten By His Aunt’s Boyfriend Refuses To Die After Life Support Switched Off

This news surprised everyone. The little boy was beaten by his aunt’s boyfriend. Bobi was tortured and ill-treated for 4 hours. This torture damaged his health and he was placed on life support. The doctors also announced that his condition deteriorated and became much worse after the wild violence. He was on the verge of death but decided to live.

The parents of the 7-month-old boy had gone on their honeymoon and left the children with their aunt. But my aunt’s husband abused her unjustly. Berry and Elsie Webber had gone on their honeymoon and were very happy to spend time with each other without the presence of children.

But the aunt’s husband tortured the boy for four hours and he was sent to the hospital. The other children do not find out about this event. They were playing outside while he subjected them to this cruel torture. The child was urgently sent to the hospital.

He has damage to his body, bones, muscles, skull, etc. His body was bruised and bite marks were also found. The baby’s spine and legs were also damaged. He was sent to the hospital and his parents were immediately reached.

The doctors tried to save him, but they had no hope after he was placed on life support.

They decide to turn off the life support and let the child die. However, even after turning off the ventilator, the baby was still alive. This surprised everyone. The child managed to survive and today he is alive.

But his body has developed cerebral palsy these years. He is trying to live and do his best to be healthy. His sight has weakened but he was more capable than he is still alive. His parents say that they help him to go to the toilet.

During this period his growth was very difficult. He is trying to be social and get involved in various fun activities. He is part of the clubs that organize fun activities for children with special abilities. This was his fate and he tried to fight. This story has changed the child’s life, but he does not give up.

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