Video Of A 10 YO Saving His Mom From Certain Death Goes Viral

The video of the boy who saved his mother went viral on social media. Gavin Keeney is the toddler who saved his mother from certain death before she fell into the pool. Everyone calls him a hero boy. He did not think about himself but only intended to save his mother who was in danger. If he didn’t save his mother she might have died.

The family from Oklahoma surprised everyone with this event. They were spending a beautiful day with each other when the event that no one expected happened. The little boy says that he was playing at home with his dog.

His mother was outside the house. He did not understand what was happening and that his mother was in danger of certain death.

First, he heard a strange noise. A muffled voice came from outside. Gavin says that at that moment he went outside to see what was happening.

certain death

When he came out, he saw his mother in the pool who was drowning. The terrified boy ran to save his mother and jumped into the water. He grabbed his mother by the head and tried to pull her out. The whole scene was filmed by cameras and the video went viral.

His mother shared the video showing how proud she is of her son who saved her life. She said that she was scared to death and could not believe what happened to her. At that moment, she saw her son running close to her to save his life. However, this was not his time.

Gavin had saved his mother many times because she suffers from epileptic seizures. This makes her life more difficult. She says that she is very proud of Gavin, the police also call Gavin “a hero boy”, because he has protected his mother from death several times. He is a smart, loving, and brave child. “He is my angel”, says his mother.

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