You Need A Cup, A Coin, And Tap Water

If you have ever had problems with the digital clock, in this article you will find the choice. It has happened to many people that the digital clock resets and leaves them with no other possibility to see the clock. In addition, the digital clock often stops working due to a lack of electricity.

Thus, you will find it more difficult to organize your time or to know what time it is at that moment.
The lack of time can cause other bigger problems. You can miss important meetings, you don’t know how many minutes it takes to leave the food in the oven, at what time you should take your medicine, etc.

For this, Sheila Pulanco Russell has found a wonderful solution that you can use whenever you find yourself in this difficult situation. Analyzing all the problems that the lack of a clock could cause, mainly in the kitchen, Sheila decided to discover an easier way to see the clock with everyday tools.

She says that she often does not know how long she should leave the food in the refrigerator or the oven because the digital clock goes off. So she found a solution that she could use every time she cooked.

All you need is a coin, a cup, and a water tap and you can release this clock. First, don’t forget to leave a glass of water in the fridge. After the water has frozen, put a coin on top of it and put it back in the freezer. If you have taken food out of the fridge and you don’t know if you should eat it or not, look at this technique.

According to her, if the coin has fallen to the bottom of the cup, it means that the food has heated up and can no longer be eaten. But if the coin is found above the water or in the middle of the glass, the food is okay and you can eat it.

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