You Have Eyes of A Marksman If You Can Spot Deadly Sniper In Picture

A photographer has decided to photograph different military snipers. He has decided to do this in the form of a game. So the photographer asks the snipers to put on the best show. These shows will remind you of the “Where’s Waldo” books. The use of snipers is one of the most difficult jobs in the army, but at the same time, the soldiers who use these weapons must be professionals.

To carry these weapons, soldiers must be prepared and have a lot of patience, because they are dangerous and delicate weapons. Simon Menner is the photographer who thought of organizing this game, to photograph the different types of snipers and the way they work.

This game is organized to understand how the sniper can work when he hits the target. In this case, the target is a photo. When soldiers use these weapons, they must be fast and accurate, as they find the target. The people who will use the snipers in this game have time to use the sniper. But in real life, soldiers must be alert to danger and shoot quickly.

Simon started his photography set in the German army. He decided to photograph the shooters who used a sniper, to see who would make the best shot. Then he continued his photo shoot in Latvia and Lithuania. He posted some of the most beautiful photos on the Internet, and these photos received many likes.

The soldiers gave very beautiful performances and showed how much care and professionalism is required to use this unique weapon. Simon is passionate about snipers. He did not think that his experiment would be this much successful. His photographs are wonderful and all gun lovers are fascinated by this project of the famous photographer.

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