My Mother-in-Law Expects to Be Paid for Spending Time With Her Grandchild

One of the most important, but also complicated relationships is the relationship with the in-laws. It is not always easy to create a good and beautiful relationship with the in-laws. But this relationship can become even more beautiful when grandchildren come to life.

Some mothers-in-law have other plans for the future of the couple, while the bride and groom think about something else for their lives. While some other couples know how to set limits in their relations with their in-laws. We all know how important grandchildren are to the parents of the groom or the parents of the bride.

However, this relationship varies in different families. This daughter-in-law complains that her mother-in-law asks her for money to take care of her grandson. She has written a letter to Brightside and tells more about this relationship. Amy has been married for 10 years and is happy that she can work and take care of her family at the same time.

She and her husband work full-time, while her mother-in-law, who has retired, is ready to take care of the children. At the same time, she cleans, cooks, and takes care of the house. But Amy couldn’t believe that her mother-in-law demanded payment from the couple, for her care of the children. Amy repeated that it was her mother-in-law’s wish to keep the children. She didn’t think that her mother-in-law would demand payment for every hour she took care of them.

Although many grandparents need money, they cannot ask for it when they are taking care of the children. Taking care of children is a difficult job and more responsibility. This could be the reason why this grandmother has decided to look for something like this. Even though they are a family, this grandmother seems to want to treat taking care of children as a paid job.

Grandparents are an important part of children’s lives because they give unconditional love. In some cases, many grandparents get stressed when taking care of their grandchildren, because they take this job very seriously. They need to take care of children’s clothing, food, emotional state, and health. In addition, they should also think about food and the household economy. Not to forget that children have many needs, and they want to have fun and buy new toys all the time.

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