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You Can Avoid Using Chemical Fertilizers By Using A Miracle Fertilizer

A wonderful tip was given by a farmer while tending to his vegetables and fruits in the field. He discovered that another natural fertilizer can be used, instead of chemical fertilizers that also damage human health. The farmer shows one of his ways and he plants a father and an egg in a small hole. Many people practice this way, but not everyone knows how healthy it is.

He decided to film the process and share it on social media. So he made a video and appeared to place an egg and a banana in the hole he had opened. This is the way to fertilize vegetables. It seems a unique and very useful method for those who can’t wait for the results of their work. The video was viewed millions of times and spread quickly. This method would be of great help to farmers in their work.

The egg was unbroken, while the banana was unpeeled. Then he placed a tomato seedling in the pit, which is expected to produce results very soon. After placing the seedlings in the ground, he covered them with soil.


According to him, this method would serve to make natural fertilizer for the tomato plant that would grow.

He has decided to use only natural fertilizers. This will help not only the seeds of the plant to grow healthy, but it will serve nature more.

Also, this is a good economical way to save money. Chemical fertilizers are harmful to the air and the growth of plants. For this reason, people have various health problems that originate from the food they eat. Artificial fertilizers can also be called poisonous fertilizers, because of the chemicals in their composition.

These chemicals affect the appearance of the plant. thus fruits and vegetables look more beautiful and with brighter colors. But in fact, their insides are not healthy and can cause problems in our organism after we consume them often.

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