Archaeologists Have Uncovered a Stunning Aztec Offering to Their God of War: Over 160 Starfish and a Jaguar Skeleton

The several-year-old tower of human skulls terrifies everyone. Archaeologists working in the tower located in the Aztec present today another new part of the tower that contains about 120 skeletons. The tower is located in Mexico City and attracts everyone’s attention. Even today, discoveries and research by archaeologists continue to extract new parts of the tower. In 2020, a large part of the skull tower was discovered. In addition to large skulls, children’s skulls can also be seen in the tower.


Archaeologists have worked hard to discover new information about skulls. They do this because of their skull features and size. But according to archaeologists, the skulls of male warriors dominate most of the tower. There is a possibility that this other place was used to hide war crimes. But not only men but there are also skulls of women and children in the tower.


According to archaeologist Barrera Rodrguez, this place full of human skeletons may have been used for sacrificial rites.

“These people can be imprisoned for sacrificial rites. Some people practiced this a lot. They gave gifts to the deities as a sign of thanks. Often these gifts were also human beings.” In addition to large buildings, skulls were also found on the ground, walls, small shelves, etc.

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This tower is scary because it holds a long history inside it, which no one knows. According to archaeologists, a very big possibility that explains the presence of all these skulls is the sacrifice of people to Gods to keep the people. Many countries in the world still practice something like this today. But in most of the world, religious beliefs strictly prohibit this action.


The tower dates back to 1486 and became even bigger during the reign of the Aztecs. The temple was built a long time and there was a place for the sacrifice of 20,000 prisoners of war. People were sacrificed and their skulls are found everywhere in the tower. Around the 1500s, the tower lost some important parts due to the Spanish conquerors. While in 2015, archaeologists discovered this place during another work.

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