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Woman Wakes Up At Foreign Dentist To Discover A Horrific Event Had Taken Place. The Dentist Removed

This woman is a retired army private. She had an issue with one of her teeth and decided to visit a dentist, but everything went wrong.

Alison Divers had an emergency dental operation and discovered that all her top teeth had been removed and left in a bag above her head.

I just bit into an apple and my front teeth cracked, so I visited the dentist. When I went there, I had a little language barrier, and he wasn’t able to understand me a lot, as I was temporarily living in Germany.

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The doctor decided to make me unconscious and when I woke up it was like a horror. All my teeth are in a plastic bag above my head.

He forced them out as my teeth weren’t rotten or anything. They even cut my gums to get my teeth out. I was so young, only 25 years old, they took my beauty.


And had to live with this for the rest of my life and I couldn’t do anything. I haven’t got any pictures of my family as I was so paranoid about my face.

It was just enough bone left to support a full set of implants, so her smile was saved forever. Now she feels her new teeth and loves to laugh.

It took more than eight hours but it was worth it.

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