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Woman Found Food Thrown at Door of Her House, But She Ignored The Sign

An ordinary event that ended with a surprise. Maria Celino-Straker was returning from work when she saw that food waste had been thrown at the door of her house.

She was surprised and did not receive him well at all. The woman thought someone was making fun of her or taking revenge on her. But everything changed when she spoke to a police officer and discovered the meaning of this action.

She was living with her family in Manchester and one day when she was returning from work without an unpleasant surprise.

The woman immediately thought it might be a child or someone from the neighborhood who was joking. This upset and annoyed him. But the meaning of this action could be very strange and no one believed it.

This action is not at all acceptable and does not happen rarely. People who throw food waste at the doors of others often do it to make fun of others or give some other message.

She spoke to a police officer who explained the second meaning of the action. He said this is a sign that the house is being monitored by a thief. Therefore neighborhood children may not always have done it. This action can have significant consequences.

The thief throws food scraps or other items to find out if there are people in the house. If no one cleans the house door, it means that no one lives in this house and it is easier to steal.

He can enter the house and steal valuables without fear. When the woman heard this, she was terrified and decided to call her friends. She shared her story on Facebook to help people in the same situation.

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