Woman Dies After Sitting On Haystack While Planning Her Mother’s Funeral, Suffers Tragic Demise

One day after Kalyn Rolan lost her mom, she went outside to get some fresh air and make a call. She just sat on a haystack and pulled her phone out. At that moment she realized that she made a big mistake, the biggest of her life.

She is a mom of two boys. It was warm in Alabama that day. Sadly Kalyn couldn’t make it back to her house.

She died in her husband’s arms with terrifying circumstances and a simple mistake that cost her her life.

As soon as she sat down on the bail of hay, she knew that something went wrong. Jumped from her perch screaming while she was being attacked by fire ants.

It is an uncomfortable assault for most, but it was fatal for Kalyn. She is severely allergic to ants and had an anaphylactic reaction to their bites.

This led to her untimely death because her airway closed off. Losing a mother and a daughter in one day is too much for someone to bear.

Her husband grabbed her, put her on the ground, and took her clothes off, but he couldn’t save her.

She died in his arms. It was a great loss for the family. A GoFundMe is started to help the family with expenses.

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