Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In The Act With Young Daughter

A woman has placed a hidden camera in the house and therefore managed to find this wonderful detail of the relationship between her husband and her daughter. She had set up this camera to capture the important moments of children as they grow up, but she discovered something very special. She was truly fortunate to have managed to save this unique moment.

Rejuena had set up a camera to send the children’s grandmother some of their most beautiful moments during the day. In the video that the woman shared, her husband was doing the housework and the little girl was dancing.

The little girl had Katy Perry’s song Extraterrestrial on the TV and was dancing while holding some pom poms in her hands. Then the father sees the girl dancing and joins her in dancing. He looks like he is having so much fun with his daughter.

In a part of the video, there is also the baby, who is having fun watching his father and older sister dancing. The father leaves his work and starts dancing with more passion. He also takes the pom poms from the girl’s hand and they dance more energetically jumping and singing.

The little girl is also enjoying this dance. She looked very happy while dancing and gave her pom poms to her dad so he could dance with her. Father and daughter made a fantastic dancing couple and looked so cute together while having fun.

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