Woman Adopts Boy No One Wanted To Adopt: See What He Looks Like Now

The boy you see in this photo is Rustam, who has had some health problems since birth. He could have been fine if his parents would have taken care of him. Many children with disability face abandonment by their parents.

These children have a great need for love because it is difficult for them to cope with society. This boy was given up for adoption and a good-hearted woman decided to be his mother. Nika Zlobina wanted to get to know Rustam better, but seeing his beautiful behavior and character, she decided to adopt him.

She said that she had not read all the adoption documents well, but she immediately began to love Rustam. She said that she had opened a profile on Instagram with children who were looking for families. In this way, Zika thought that she would help all the children who needed love.

One of the posts that got the most attention was a video of Rustam dancing. In this post, there were positive comments, but also many negative comments. Some people had written that this child would never be adopted. These comments are very surprising to Nika, who said that she is not at all satisfied by these reactions. A child with limited abilities requires assistance, but this is not impossible.

She said that if people got to know Rustam better, they would love him a lot.
Not much time passed and Nika decided that Rustam would adapt it himself. She said that this did not scare her at all and that she was very happy that Rustam would be her son. Many people have found motivation in the videos she shared with Rustam. Children with limited abilities are very dear and important to this society. They are very happy with each other and Rustam feels safe.

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