Barbara Eden Is 91 And Still Enjoying A Successful Career Over 50 Years After ‘I Dream of Jeannie’

Barbara Eden is a well-known character who lives up to the expression that “age is just a number”. The 91-year-old actress has reached the heights of success and is now enjoying the results of her work for more than 70 years.

During these 7 decades, the actress was part of various films that attracted the public’s attention. Her talent and hard work helped the actress to be known all over the world. Besides being an actress, she has shown that she has hobbies and many other fields of television and art.

She has had a lot of success even after “I Dream of Jeannie” where she played the successful role of Jeannie. Barbara is 91 years old today and has the same energy she had in her youth. The actress from Arizona studied singing and later decided to pursue acting. She claims that her mother advised her about this.

Her beginnings in acting were in the 1950s when directors and producers began to look at her talent and realized that this was exactly what cinematography needed.
She played alongside Larry Hagman in “I Dream of Jeannie” and says they worked very well together.

One of the things that influence the recognition of this character, was Jeannie’s clothing. According to her, the directors at first thought carefully before deciding that the character should wear this outfit. This helped Barbara become one of the most attractive actresses on television.

Although she has had a bright career, the 91-year-old actress continues to work. Her last movie is My Adventures with Santa and we can say that it was a wonderful movie.

Barbara says that age does not stop her from living her life. “I have many friends and I feel good. I also want to say that I like my job and I will continue to work.” In addition to acting, she has also written a children’s book titled Barbara and the Djinn.

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