Why You Don’t Hear From Kelly McGillis Anymore

Kelly McGillis is 65 years old today and has been going through a difficult period lately. The actress has told more about the film Top Gun. According to the actress, she was not asked to join the cast and in 2019 she revealed that Top Gun: Maverick had offered her a role.

The 65-year-old actress shone with her beauty in the 80s and became one of the few actresses who earned millions of dollars. McGillis surprised everyone with her beauty. She had beautiful facial features and wonderful hair. She also gained attention with her role in the film: a strong and courageous woman.

“I didn’t intend to be so famous. I loved acting but I never thought that my name would become so famous. This shocked my reality and I started to feel bad.”
She also turned into a sex symbol and many men were in love with her. She also had chemistry with Tom Cruise.

The actress has shown that Tom was a kind and sweet boy. She was compared to beautiful models and charming television figures. But she has always modestly stated that she did not think she was as beautiful as described. The actress also played other roles in films such as The Accused. She also took part in various television roles, but later, in 1985, she attacked Hollywood.

She didn’t like the scripts they gave her and left Hollywood. After this event, she devoted time to her family. The actress fell in love with Fred Tillman. Her goals changed and Kelly opened a restaurant with Fred in Florida. The actress was divorced in 2002 and often stated that she had problems with her sexuality . A few years later she admitted that she was a lesbian. Now she lives in the hills of Hendersonville, North Carolina. She seems very happy away from Hollywood.

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