Shania Twain, 57, Reveals Decision To Pose Topless For Cover: “I Don’t Need To Hide Behind The Clothes”

Shania Twain has been part of the music industry and has won many fans from different parts of the world. The singer has released good music and has always admitted that she loves country music. But recently some new news is being shared on social media. The singer has decided to pose topless for the cover of her latest song. She will release the new song “Waking Up” and has decided to feel “comfortable”.

The 57-year-old singer said in the last interview that she had decided to be herself. “I feel comfortable with my appearance and this is the way I have decided to present my latest song,” Twain said for People magazine. The singer has spoken about the impact these photos have on her self-confidence.

She feels good and has claimed that the best fashion is self-confidence. In the last interview she stated that she wants to be natural. The singer shared these photos on her social media profile. She is wearing long pink and gray boots. She is also wearing a tie. Twain has decided to wear a cowboy hat and it looks perfect.

She has decided to look as original as possible and convey a strong message to her followers. She claimed that she fought for a long time with the insecurities she had about her body. She has appeared without a bra in her previous songs.

“Later I started to feel better about my body. I was happy to start loving my body the way it is.” She is a brave woman and has declared that she wants you to accept her unique body. She will release “Queen of Me” on February 3, and many followers are looking forward to it.

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