Why Eddie Murphy Dumped Mel B When She Was Pregnant. The reason That Led Him To Do DNA Test

Mel B and Eddie have always had a happy marriage. However, it seems as everything turned upside down the moment Mel got pregnant. What happened?

Born in 1961, the comedian and producer of many films worked hard to reach the pinnacle of success and the love of the public.

In addition, Eddie is famous for the fact that he has many children with different women. One of the women he met was the English singer, actress, and television personality Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B.

When the two first met in 2006 it was love at first sight. When they started dating each other their relationship became extraordinary, they even made a matching tattoo with each other.

The relationship became very serious when he invited her and her daughter to live in his house in Hollywood, where he asked her father to marry her. Despite this great love, the relationship had a very strong crisis.

A few months after going out together the two had decided to have a child. During her vacation in Mexico, she became pregnant and they were very happy to have children.

While pregnant Mel B returned to Leeds to rethink their relationship. Murphy thought the singer broke up with him and he did the same.

Things got more complicated when Murphy commented on her pregnancy. He told a reporter that he was not sure about the baby’s paternity and would only be safe when he did the pregnancy test.

The actor’s words hurt Mel B because it made him look like a very short woman. She could not imagine how a man who had loved her was down so quick for her. She tried to justify it but did not know-how.

This time it was Mel B who asked for the paternity test but Murphy did not want it this time. But in 2007 the test was finally done and it was confirmed that the actor was the father.

Comments in later years greatly killed Mel B. She was accused of having intentionally become pregnant. Yet she says that despite it all Eddie will remain the love of his life.

Angel Iris came to life. The couple did not join but with a court order Mel took Angel’s custody and Eddie was forced to pay $ 25,000 a month and also pay for her life insurance and education.

Despite the complications of their relationship, Mel B speaks with superlatives about the actor, saying that he is loving, respectful, and caring.

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