After Death Of Son Mother Bursts Into Tears When She Hears The Voice Of A Child Saying Hi To Her

When a loved one dies the feeling he leaves behind is horrible. No one can fill the place of one who has just fled. You seem to miss the whole world. Such is the case of Lori who mourns the loss of her son and can not return to reality until the unexpected happened that made her run forward.

Lori initially lost her husband. It was very difficult to imagine life without him since they had been together since they were little. There was also a five-year-old boy who did not understand what was happening but needed to become strong for him.

Over time it seems the wounds healed and the boy began to grow. She devoted herself only to him. But when he became a teenager it seems the first problems started.

Jonah started not telling Lori about his stuff. He even asked her not to enter his room because it violated his privacy. Lori stood with the hope that this phase would pass but in reality, things started to get worse.

One afternoon Lori thought of having a serious conversation with Joah. He cooked his favorite dinner and was waiting for him. He did not come. She called his friends but no one knew where he was. She went upstairs to his bedroom and was waiting for him there to yell at why she had entered without permission. But that did not happen.

She called the police to report him missing. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. They were two policemen. They reported that a drunk driver had hit Jonah when he was crossing the road. Her only son had died.

It seemed that everything was a dream. Lori went to look at the body in the morgue. She was detached from reality. In a coffin in her house stood her only son. She started crying uncontrollably.

Lori now stands alone in that house. Suddenly one day he hears a voice calling out “Hi mom”. She was shocked. The voice came from Jonah’s bedroom. Went running. The voice called again. Behind the door stood a parrot calling to her. She noticed a note with a childish scrawl with a few notes on how to care for the parrot and a phone number for more questions.

She called to find out who the parrot belonged to. There came Denny a little boy who explained to her that the parrot had once been his and that he had exchanged it with Jonah for some toys. Lori remembered that Jonah had loved a pet but could not buy it because they could not afford it. She was happy when she realized that her son’s wish had been fulfilled, even for a short time.

Lori asked the boy why he was selling the parrot and he told her for food. Denny had run away from his foster care parents because he was abused and now sleeps on the streets. She called childcare to tell Denny’s story version and take him away from those terrible parents.

While the investigation was going on she kept Denny in her house where they established a very strong bond with each other. She adopted him even though she continued to suffer for Jonah it seemed like he had brought someone into her life not to make her feel guilty.

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