What The Bystander Observed On The Lawn Shocked Him

The event that happened in Portugal became viral on Facebook because of the fire. Pedro Bras shared some photos on the Internet showing his work as a firefighter. This profession requires a lot of work and seriousness. But what the bystander observed, shocked him.

He should be responsible for saving people’s lives. His task is very humane and related to human beings. The job of a firefighter is not easy. Sometimes firefighters fight with their lives to save others. This makes this profession in most cases a profession for brave people.

The news that was shared on Facebook by Pedro made a lot of noise. During this period he was fighting fires in the forests of Portugal. The fire was progressing very quickly and everyone wanted the cities not to be endangered. About 1150 firefighters were working non-stop to extinguish the fire. This heroic task could not stop there.

The fire in the forests of Portugal has injured about 25 people.

In addition, the damages in nature are very large. Hundreds of hectares of different trees and bushes were burned. This is not the first time that Portugal faces massive fires.

Last year another massive fire affected the forests in Portugal and 115 people died. Firefighters work hard to put out fires and save people, animals, or houses that are near the danger zone.


In the video, Pedro shows that they were struggling to put out a fire for several hours. It was difficult for them to enter this area because the fire had started to burn everything in that area and the firefighters had a hard time studying the place to extinguish the fire.

The area was filled with smoke and nothing could be seen. They tried hard to put out the fire and finally succeeded. The temperature in this place was very high and this worsened the breathing of the firefighters. The video went viral on the Internet and Pedro and his colleagues received hundreds of messages of thanks for the brave work they were doing to serve people.

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