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Little Hercules Was Renowned As The World’s Strongest Boy, Before You Meet Him Today, Age 29, Sit Down

We all have dreams of what we will become when we grow up. Usually, children dream of becoming astronauts, actors, and singers. But Richard Sandrak’s dream was completely different. He dreamed of becoming a bodybuilder. His wish was completed and he even got the nickname Little Hercules.

To complete his dream he trained 5 times a week for 90 minutes. A strict regime and strict diet were also included.

But what happens today to Little Hercules? Does he still follow this passion? How was the strict training made with his father? He is 29 years old today and he looks like that!

Richard was born on April 15, 1992. Like any child who has to choose for himself what he wants to do with his life was Richard’s case too. However, the influence of father Pavel, a world champion in martial arts, and mother Lena, a fitness instructor, was inevitable.

When they moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 2 he started doing exercise. At this moment the parents create dreams for their child. The goal was for California to slowly become a famous bodybuilder.

Richard’s father was widely criticized for the way he trained his son, and he was often accused of giving him steroids for muscle wind. He categorically denied it.

This suspicion continues to haunt Richard to this day and when asked about this issue his answer continues to be the same, no.

The biggest criticism was received again from his family after from the training he did at home monitored by his father 7 hours a day he was forced not to go to school port and took lectures there.

In the documentary made for Little Hercules, there were positive but also negative reactions, led by skeptics about how to put on his muscle mass. The strict regime included sleeping on the ground to stay upright and eating only protein-rich foods. This could have endangered his life as well!

 However, this did not seem to impress Richard. At the age of 11, his father ended up in prison and had no further contact with him. This led him to withdraw from bodybuilding but not from training.

What Richard wanted to do now was a whole other thing and a good cause! His idea was to deal with children as they consumed only fried foods and did not engage in physical activity.

But where is Little Hercules now?

In 2005 he became part of the cinematography team for the film Little Hercules and in the other films of the same year.

Over the years he did not spend more time lifting weights and exercising. Stay in shape just doing cardio, running, and skateboarding. Most importantly, Richard is still pursuing his dreams.

The biggest passion at the moment, do you know who he is? Quantum Scientist. Yes, you are reading it well. His latest dream is to become an engineer at NASA.

And what better way than to pursue your dreams regardless of your age? We hope Richard always pursues his dreams no matter what.

Do you have a dream that you have not yet realized? If you are writing in the comments down below.

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