VIDEO: Man Grabs Woman’s “Flawless” Butt, Gets Dropped Hard

This video is being shared very quickly on social media. The video shows a man who grabbed a woman’s butt on the street. She immediately came back shouting at the man because he had done something inappropriate.

This moment was filmed by a passerby, who shared the video. The man did not expect to be filmed and was shocked and scared at the same time.

The video shows a woman yelling at the man who grabbed her butt. At that moment, another girl started yelling at him. The girl was wearing very tight pants and a t-shirt with the word “Flawless”. She looked sad and angry with the man who had touched her.

She was filmed shouting at the man, and next to her comes another girl who shouts and curses the man. During the filming, an unexpected situation happened. A man who heard the shouting hit the man. After that came another man who did the same thing, starting a fight.

One pushes him and the other punches him in the face. After falling to the ground, the man gets up but then was hit again. The video was shared very quickly on social media and people got angry with this situation.

Some people agreed that the man had received the punch he deserved, and others said that the girl was wearing very short pants in public. According to some people on social media, the girl “made an invitation” by wearing those too-short pants in public.

Some people supported the fact that violence should be condemned but criticized the girl who had gone out in public with very exposed clothing.

No one has the right to touch someone without their permission. But it can be said that a large group of people did not agree at all with the girl’s outfit, which was very exposed.

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