Valerie Bertinelli Talks About Being Ruthlessly Humiliated By A Former Partner For Her Weight

Valerie Bertinelli has spoken more about her relationship with her last ex-partner and his behavior. She revealed that her ex-boyfriend humiliated her because of her weight. Valerie said that everything started when her ex-partner was prejudiced about her weight.

She recounted an incident when her ex-partner had laughed at the sound of the jeans she was wearing. For him, this was an offensive event that hurt Valerie. She said it was not the first time she was hurt and that her ex-partner had verbally abused her on other occasions. She could not live with this behavior.

The insults and abuse of the ex-partner have had an impact on Valerie for a long time. She was not feeling well and many people criticized her for her weight. This made Valerie not feel well and limited many things in her life for others. She did not give up and hoped that everything would change after she improved her lifestyle.

Valerie experienced a special experience with her health. Therefore, she decided to share this experience with her friends and followers to help those who were in the same situation as her. Her change led to a divorce and she said that now she felt very good after the separation from Tom Vitale.

Her life has changed since she realized that she should value herself more. Now she feels relieved and has begun to devote more time to herself and meditation. For him, the divorce was a critical moment and for him, this was a very happy day.

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